His Friend and Girlfriend Showed Up to His Pool Party With Her Dog. He Refused to Let the Dog in and Told Her to Take it Home. His Friend Thinks He Was a Jerk. Was He Wrong?

The original poster (OP) is 25 years old and decided to throw a pool party since the weather warmed up. He invited a bunch of friends over to his house. They swam, had a bbq, drank, and watched sports. They had fun, but there was an incident with one of his friends, and he is reaching out to the online community to ask if he was wrong in how he handled it.

OP admits he’s not a fan of dogs. He doesn’t want dogs near him and doesn’t allow them in his house. His friends and girlfriend are all aware of his feelings about dogs. On the day of the pool party, one of his friends brought a new girlfriend over, who he was meeting for the first time. She brought her dog with her, who he says looked like it weighed between 15 and 20 pounds. 

She introduced herself, and OP immediately said, “Yeah, that thing is not coming inside.” She said she would take the dog through the side gate instead of the house. But OP said no. She asked what she should do with her dog, and OP told her to take it home. He told her he dislikes dogs and that his friend should have told her before she brought it over. 

His friend tried to tell OP that the dog is well-behaved and his girlfriend would hold it most of the time. He didn’t think it would be a big deal. OP says he was appalled and told his friend he should have known better. OP said sorry, he won’t let the dog in, and it was probably best to take it home. They eventually left and never returned. Afterward, his friend messaged him and called him a jerk. He complained that OP wasn’t friendly at all and was rude. 

OP says he doesn’t care. He wouldn’t let a dog in his house or on his property. He’s asking the online community if he is wrong to have this rule.

The following response received the most votes.

“NTA. People who bring their pets to other people’s houses uninvited are major AHs. One of my friends would try to do this whenever we invited him over for Magic: The Gathering, and it pissed me off. No dude, I don’t want your dog sniffing and possibly eating my cards. Why do some people assume their dogs are welcome everywhere they are? That’s not how life works.”

Many dog owners and dog lovers agree that just because you treat your pet like a family member, you can’t assume that everyone else will.

“The overlap I’ve noticed in people who do this is – they are entitled and selfish people who think the rules don’t apply to them (because they are special). They don’t necessarily think their dogs are equal to humans. They see them as extensions of themselves, and since they think rules don’t apply to them, they extend that to their dogs. I prefer my dog’s company over many humans. But I don’t take her to people’s houses because it’s rude.”

“I view my dogs as furry family members, and I like them more than most humans. But I would never presume to bring them somewhere unless I have express permission to do so. Anyone who does this is an entitled AH who thinks the rules don’t apply to them.”

Who is more to blame for this incident? Was it the girlfriend who probably took her dog everywhere and didn’t care to ask the host? Or was it the friend who knows OP hates dogs and doesn’t allow them in his house?

“She was rude and presumptuous to bring her dog to your house. She didn’t even ask! Just assumed she could go to a total stranger’s house and impose her dog on you and your property.”

“Funny that you are letting buddy (guy) completely off the hook here. Can’t put any responsibility on the guy even if it’s likely that he’s the one who told the girl that it should be fine to bring her dog along without needing to at least call OP beforehand regarding the dog, huh? Not saying the girl’s blameless. But the absence of any mention of the buddy is glaring.”

Some readers said there could also have been a miscommunication. Perhaps OP only minded animals inside his house and not the backyard.

“It sounded like he didn’t want it in the house, so she offered to take it around the house to the party.”

What do you think? Should he have let the dog in the backyard only for the sake of his friend? Or was he right not to want the dog on his property? Should pet owners always ask for permission before bringing them somewhere, even if they treat them like family?

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