His Son Made His Sister’s Wedding Dress But Found Out He Wasn’t Invited to the Wedding. He Told His Sister to Get Another Dress. Is He Wrong?

The original poster (OP) has a sister who is getting married soon. He also has a very talented 17-year-old son who has studied fashion and design in school. Shortly after her proposal, his sister asked his son to make her wedding dress. His son agreed to take on the project.

OP says at first, his sister was very annoying. His son drew fifty dress designs in a month, and she only liked one, which he used to make her dress. He sewed the dress with high-quality fabric, which OP paid for because he wanted to be supportive and involved in the project somehow.

OP says his son made several alterations to the dress according to the bride’s wishes because she always had an issue with something. OP said the final dress was so impressive that even he and his mother became emotional when they saw her wearing it.

The problem is that his son came to him a few days ago to say he had not received a wedding invitation while other family members did. OP thought his son had an automatic invite and didn’t require one but decided to ask his sister anyway because it was strange.

When he messaged his sister, she replied that she didn’t want underage people at her wedding because there would be alcohol. OP asked her to make an exception for his son, but she refused. OP says no other children are in their family, and his son is the only minor. He didn’t understand the need for this rule.

When his son found out he wasn’t invited, he was very sad and cried because he had spent months making the wedding dress and couldn’t see her wear it at the wedding. OP was furious and told his sister to go and buy another wedding dress as soon as possible because she wasn’t allowed to wear the one his son made for her anymore.

She called and yelled at him, saying OP was being unreasonable and that he couldn’t do this to her. His mother told him to deliver the dress and follow the rules, but he refused. OP’s family is divided. Many agree with him, condemn his sister’s action, and say she should have made an exception. Others say he is being unreasonable and ruining her big day.

The Readers Comment

The response that readers appreciated the most was: “He should go and wear the dress.”

Other comments were very supportive of OP and his son.

“I’m sorry you’re in this mess. This is one of the clearest cases of NTA (not the a**hole) I’ve seen. How cool that your son has that talent. You must be proud! I hope this works out in a peaceful way, but rest assured that you are correct in this situation.”

Many readers focused on his son’s talent and that if he’s old enough to design a dress, he’s old enough to attend a wedding.

“Agreed if he can make a dress at 17 and usually be able to come to the wedding.”

“So wait, your son is old enough to design and make her wedding dress, but not old enough to attend her wedding?”

One reader raised an interesting point.

“In light of all the time spent and work he did, he should be an exception even if it is minor-free. I’m wondering if the reason sister wasn’t open about it is simply because she wanted the free labour and wasn’t sure she’d get it if she was honest?”

Another reader has a solution that many approve of.

“You have 2 options with the dress, your son can sell it, I would take photos of him and post it for sale on facebook, or he can sell it to your sister at a price that would be sold in a boutique.”

“Great suggestion, I would go on the basis the son had done this as a wedding present/favour but since he is not invited and part of the wedding she will have to pay for it. At least she still has the option of having the dress. Tbh I think selling the dress to your sister or privately is the only option now since the son is never going to feel truly part of the wedding now. Even if he gets an invite it will only be so she can get her hands on the dress for free.”

Some readers suggested OP’s sister isn’t inviting his son because of the attention he will get for designing such a beautiful dress, not because of the alcohol she is serving.

“It isn’t about “alcohol” it is about the attention he’ll garner for his amazing work. He’ll steal the spotlight, and that’s unacceptable.”

What do you think they should do? Should they give his sister the dress for free, or should they charge her? Should OP attend the wedding still? Or should they insist she can only have the dress if she invites his son?

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