Her Sister-in-Law Took Her Camera to the Beach Without Her Permission and Lost it But What’s More Concerning is What Her Husband Did

The original poster’s (OP) husband’s sister moved in with them weeks ago because of problems she was having with her boyfriend. OP says they are unlikely to get back together because her sister-in-law won’t go back until he apologizes. But she broke his Xbox device in an argument so this may not happen. Unfortunately for OP, the sister-in-law (SIL) has been creating problems in OP’s life and now things have come to a head.

OP is a Blogger

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OP is a blogger and has a small space in their apartment. She says it’s like a very small office where she works for hours.

Her SIL Has a Bad Habit

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OP says her SIL always enters her office and takes things without her permission. She also never returns them so OP has to end up buying replacements.

She Bought a Lock

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OP bought a lock for her office so no one could enter and take things without her permission any longer.

She Asked to Borrow OP’s Camera

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SIL said she was going to the beach with her friends to help her destress and asked to borrow her camera. OP declined her request for the camera and explained to her that she need her camera to work on the weekend.

The Camera Was Expensive

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OP also didn’t want the camera taken by SIL to the beach because it was and expensive item worth $2,000.

Her Camera Disappeared

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When OP was done her project, she left her camera on her desk. The next day she woke up at 9am, showered and had breakfast and then entered her office to find her camera missing.

She Freaked Out

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She started to panic that SIL had taken her expensive camera to the beach.

Her Husband Told Her to Calm Down

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OP’s husband tried to calm her down and assured her the camera was in safe hands.

She Was Worried

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OP was worried and very upset by the fact that SIL took the camera when she told her she couldn’t have it.

Her Husband Unlocked the Door

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What was even more disturbing to OP was that her husband unlocked the door for his sister to take the camera.

SIL Came Home Crying

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SIL returned at 7pm that night and was crying because she saw her boyfriend with someone else at the beach and it ruined her day.

OP Asked for the Camera

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OP asked for the camera and SIL said she didn’t have it. 

It Was Left at the Beach

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SIL claims she left angry after the encounter and forgot her sunglasses, cream, hat and camera at the beach. 

SIL’s Friend Aiden Got Some Stuff

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SIL said her friend Aiden picked up some stuff and brought it back but the camera was apparently stolen. OP asked to talk to Aiden but SIL refused and said she trusts him.

OP Started Yelling

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OP started calling SIL irresponsible and reckless for leaving a $2,000 camera behind. 

She Apologized

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She started apologizing but tried to blame it on her ex-boyfriend and their altercation. 

She Told Her to Replace the Camera

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OP told SIL she needed the camera for work and to replace it immediately.

OP’s Husband Defended His Sister

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OP says her husband got involved and said it wasn’t his sister’s fault that the camera was stolen. He made excuses and said his sister was an “emotional mess.” He suggested OP get a cheaper camera from Amazon for now until she could afford to buy another more expensive one. OP asked why she should buy a replacement when his sister is the one who took it without permission and lost it.

OP Said She Will Sue Her

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OP told her husband she will sue his sister and he asked if she was serious. OP replied she was because she has worked hard to get the camera and her work has always been known as high quality. She found it offensive for him to suggest she get a cheap camera. 

They Argued

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OP’s husband said he was just trying to help fix the problem but she told him he was just helping his sister avoid responsibility.

They are Ignoring OP

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OP says neither her husband or sister are speaking to her. They say they are giving her time to calm down but they are trying to make her feel guilty. 

Is it Wrong to Sue Family?

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Her husband says it’s morally wrong to sue family and OP is wondering if she should let it go.

The Readers Respond

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The popular opinion was that OP has a right to sue her sister-in-law.

“NTA. Sue her. File first thing Tuesday morning. If your husband isn’t onboard, tell him that he and his sister need to go until they’re ready to apologize and make things right. If necessary, file a police report since she stole your camera by taking it without permission. She asked if she could borrow the camera and you told her no, and she did it anyway. Your husband enabled this violation of your boundaries by his sister and then tried to invalidate your feelings on it. I think you are well within your rights to demand that she leave immediately, and say that she is no longer welcome in your house. It’s probably also time to tell your husband that the two of you need counseling, and if he doesn’t agree to go then you should consult a divorce attorney.”

What About Her Husband?

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Many readers said her husband is a concern and she should evaluate the relationship and how he has responded. 

“Her husband has no respect for her or her things and just makes excuses for his sister’s selfish behavior.”

“He told OP to buy a cheaper camera until she (OP) could afford to buy a new one herself, and rationalized all the sister’s bad behaviors. I don’t see this marriage surviving without some serious counseling and a fundamental change of heart on the husband’s behalf.”

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