Stunning Seaside City Halifax Nova Scotia is a Must-Visit Destination

Traveling to the Atlantic region of Canada was always in the back of my mind, and what better place to start than Halifax, Nova Scotia. I had heard about the area’s beauty, and it didn’t disappoint. The views were serene and beautiful, and breathing in the fresh Atlantic air felt rejuvenating. We happily roamed the boardwalk, lounged on the beach, tasted the local fare, and visited the surrounding areas. We enjoyed every minute of our stay.

Dartmouth Crossing

Marriott Residence Inn
Marriott Dartmouth


We began our stay by driving into Dartmouth to stay at the Marriott Residence Inn. The location was great for us as we had all the amenities we needed. We had access to plenty of stores and even an outlet shopping center. We rented a car, but many stores and restaurants were within walking distance.

Bustling Downtown

Halifax Waterfront
Tourism Nova Scotia / Photographer: Patrick Rojo


The downtown area has plenty of sites to see and shops to visit. We were drawn to the downtown core and waterfront almost every day. The boardwalk was constantly buzzing with energy from locals and visitors. Performers and buskers added to that vibe and would often attract an interactive and energetic crowd.

The Harbour Hopper

Harbour Hopper tour in Halifax, Nova Scotia
Tourism Nova Scotia / Photographer: Rove Productions


The Harbour Hopper is a fun, fast-paced adventure that introduces riders to the best of Halifax by land and sea! That’s right, this same vessel first gives a tour by land, then transforms into a boat and tours by sea. Sitting 10 feet high, the Hopper offers an exclusive view of the vibrant city’s historical sights, such as the Grand Parade and Citadel Hill National Historic Site. 

The Citadel and Old Town Clock

The Citadel in Halifax Nova Scotia
Tourism Nova Scotia / Photographer: Will Yang


Visitors can explore the fortress’s site and the soldiers stationed there and walk within the walls inside and outside the building to learn about Halifax’s military history. 

The Discovery Center

a family of four at a station in the Discovery Center
Tourism Nova Scotia / Photographer: Ryan Williams


The Discovery Center is a fun, hands-on learning environment that kids will thoroughly enjoy. Explore different themed floors and stations that are science-based and engage children in immersive play.

Halifax Public Gardens

Halifax Public Gardens
Images Canada


The Halifax Public Gardens is a gorgeous park with vibrant plants of hundreds of different species. The Gardens are free for visitors to walk through and open daily at 8am and close a half hour before sunset. Grab a warm tea or a snack while visiting the quaint tea shop on site called the Rabbit Hole Cafe.

Shubie Park Beach

Shubie Park, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Tourism Nova Scotia / Photographer: Carolina Andrade


Shubie Beach is found in Shubie Park, located next to Lake Charles. There are 11 kilometers of trails found within Shubie Park, as well as a dog park. The beach isn’t large, but we had no issues finding a nice spot on the sand in mid-July. 

The Food

lobster roll from Waterfront Warehouse Restaurant
Waterfront Warehouse Restaurant Facebook page


There was no way I was leaving Halifax without trying the infamous lobster roll. They were available in several locations, and even Subway had its own take. We enjoyed the lobster rolls at an establishment right on the boardwalk called Waterfront Warehouse Restaurant. 

Donairs are also popular fare in Halifax. They are delicious and available in many establishments. 

Sweet Treats

chocolate bars displayed in the store Peace By Chocolate
Credit: Destination Canada


Peace By Chocolate, perfectly situated at the Halifax Waterfront, is a delightful chocolate shop with a beautiful story. Peace By Chocolate was founded by a Syrian-Canadian chocolatier named Tareq Hadhad after moving to Canada as a refugee. His successful establishment helped him garner the National Entrepreneurship Award for his positive impact as a new Canadian.

It can be a little overwhelming with all the flavors to choose from. Believe me when I say the cost will add up for chocolate lovers who want to try everything, but it’s well worth it. 

We also explored the surrounding areas of Halifax that were a short drive away from the city. 

Peggy’s Cove

Peggy's Cove
Tourism Nova Scotia / Photographer: Acorn Art & Photography


Just a short drive from Halifax, Peggy’s Cove is a scenic spot that is a must to visit when in the area. The commanding lighthouse, built in 1868, marks the eastern entrance to St. Margaret’s Bay. Careful not to go to the edge of the rocks that can be slippery and dangerous, climbing the rocks and staring out at the waves of the Atlantic ocean is a beautiful and calming sight. Explore the village where you’ll find art shops, souvenir shops and boutiques. You can also take a boat tour around Peggy’s Cove and see some of the wildlife in the area like seals and puffins. 


Bluenose ship in Lunenburg
Tourism Nova Scotia / Photographer: Spencer VanDerStarren


Lunenburg is a beautiful town, a further drive from Halifax but well worth it. It’s a picturesque fishing village with brightly painted British Colonial-style buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries. It’s also the home of the famous Bluenose sailboat, built in 1921 and can be found on the Canadian dime. Lunenburg is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and National Historic District.
The Bluenose was also available for tourists to walk in and explore the sailboat.

Whale Watching in Lunenburg

whale watching boat in Lunenburg
Lunenburg Whale Watching tours


We committed to a three-hour boat tour to spot whales. I discovered that the Atlantic seas don’t agree with me and spent most of the time feeling nauseous! Unfortunately, we didn’t spot any whales but saw seals and puffins.

We had a wonderful and memorable trip. My children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and often remember our adventures in Nova Scotia. We did embark on this journey unknowingly during a heat wave that even the locals said was rare and almost unbearable! I admit walking up the hill downtown wasn’t easy, especially in the heat. But it certainly didn’t damper our spirit or the experience.

Feature Image: Tourism Nova Scotia / Photographer: Patrick Rojo

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