15 Signs Your Partner Could Be Gaslighting You

Relationships can be abusive but sometimes the abuse isn’t obvious. Gaslighting is a form of manipulation where a person tries to sow seeds of doubt in a partner’s mind. This makes the partner question their own thoughts, feelings and reality of the situation. The partner becomes a victim without initially realizing it. Gaslighting often occurs in relationships where there is a power imbalance, and it can have serious effects on the victim’s self-esteem and mental well-being.  For those concerned they may be a victim of gaslighting, here are 15 signs that could mean you are in an abusive relationship.

They Don’t Give You All the Information

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Withholding information can be a very telling sign of a potential gaslighter. Withholding information works for them in that they can say they didn’t lie to you, you simply weren’t given all the details. Unfortunately for the partner who is a victim of gaslighting, they are unable to make an informed decision or assessment of situations if they don’t have all the facts.

They Constantly Lie to You

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Gaslighters are also master liars. Not only do they withhold information, but the information they do give is also wrapped in lies. They will lie about small and big details, whatever suits their agenda and allows them more control in the relationship.

They Deny Clear Facts

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It’s hard to imagine denying facts when they are clear and right in front of a person, but that’s exactly what gaslighters do. It’s all about advancing their agenda and if the facts don’t fit their narrative, they lie about them. They can be incredibly passionate about their denial of facts too, which makes it feel more authentic.

They Turn Their Love and Affection Into a Weapon

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Love should come freely and without strings, but that’s not the case for gaslighters. Instead, their love is turned into a weapon and held over the head of their partner. There is the constant threat of taking away their love should their partner mess up or step out of line.

Your Needs are Ignored and Dismissed 

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A common trait with gaslighters is that their needs are always a priority. A partner’s needs are ignored and dismissed as “unimportant.” A gaslighter may even make the partner feel bad and selfish for expressing their own needs. The relationship is never about the partner, only the gaslighter.

Blame Is Always Put On You

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When it comes to playing the victim card, gaslighters have mastered the skill. No matter the situation, the facts, or the details that led to it – the gaslighter is always the victim and their partner is always to blame. It is never a two-way street.

They Have a Selective Memory

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Selective memory is something that can come in handy during an argument. Claiming to forget certain details, or describing them in a way that wasn’t reality allows the gaslighter to shape the narrative. They can be so adept at this that it makes their partner start to question their memory. 

Your Insecurities Are Used Against You

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Every person has insecurities. Insecurities feed into issues with self-confidence causing a person to think they aren’t good enough, smart enough, attractive enough, etc. In a healthy relationship, partners build each other up and never use insecurities against each other. For a gaslighter, insecurities are ammunition that they can throw in a partner’s face whenever they like.

They Never Admit They Have Hurt You

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This sign goes back to shifting blame. Should a gaslighter hurt their partner in some way, they never admit any wrongdoing. They either manipulate the situation to shift the blame to someone else, or try to convince their partner they shouldn’t be hurt.

They Call You Crazy and Delusional

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Sometimes arguments can spiral and result in the gaslighter calling their partner crazy or delusional, anything to better fit their narrative. Even if the partner has facts and receipts to back up their position, it won’t matter.

They Convince You That Everyone Else is Lying to You

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Gaslighters go all-in on the notion that everyone else is lying and it’s never them. They will tell their partner that it’s the world who is lying, and they are the only ones being truthful. The gaslighter tries to make themselves look good, like a saviour.

They Are Always Critical of You But Not Themselves

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A gaslighter is also hyper-critical of their partner, pointing out even the smallest things. On the flip side, they are never self-critical as they can do no wrong.

Their Words Don’t Match Their Actions

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There is a common saying that actions speak louder than words; this isn’t a mantra gaslighters don’t prescribe to. They tend to be all talk and no action which can be a red flag in a relationship.

Gaslighters Project Actions Onto You

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Projection means a person pushes their negative feelings, thoughts, and actions onto someone else thereby shifting blame or responsibility. Projection can be used to help a person cope and work as a defense mechanism. Because it can work to the benefit of a gaslighter, it is yet another tool in their chest of abuse.

They Use Lies to Isolate Their Partner

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A victim of gaslighting can often feel alone and ostracized. They are led to believe that everyone is against them, everyone is lying to them, no one likes them, and they aren’t worthy of affection and love from others. The gaslighter works hard to ensure a sense of isolation as they turn their partner against everyone else through constant lies and manipulation.

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