Is the Swim Instructor Being Harsh or Teaching this Little Girl About Survival?

A video posted by @barstoolsports showing a swim instructor push a fully-clothed, unsuspecting toddler into a swimming pool has gone viral. It started with a funny caption, “swim instructor woke up angry,” but the video received mixed reactions.

With over 18 million views and over a thousand comments, people are divided on whether this tactic to teach a child to swim is really necessary. Several commented that they learned to swim just fine without being forced into the pool with all their clothes.

But many tweeted their support for this kind of swim training at a young age to help kids understand how to survive in the water.

What do you think? Is this the right way to teach a young child how to swim? Can it be counterproductive and cause children to fear the water and lose trust in swim instructors? Or is it the best way to teach a survival skill?

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Feature Image credit: ©OLHA TSIPLYAR from olharomaniuk via Canva.