15 Interesting Facts About Lakes

Lakes have long captivated human imagination with their serene beauty, ecological importance, and rich biodiversity. These vast bodies of water nestled amidst beautiful landscapes are natural wonders that also hold a lot of interesting facts. From the grandeur to the gorgeous colors and unique ecosystems they support, the following lakes will become must-see visits to add to your bucket list.

More Than 100 Million Lakes in the World

Cathedral Lake
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If it seems lakes are abundant near you, or even in the United States – that’s because there are. The world has more than 115 million lakes, making up 3.7% of the entire land surface. While there are a lot of lakes, most are smaller, with about 90 million of them being smaller than two football fields.

The Largest Enclosed Lake in the World

Caspian Sea
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If visiting the largest enclosed lake in the world is on your bucket list, then you’ll have to head to the Caspian Sea which lies between Western Asia and Eastern Europe. The lake covers 750 miles or 1,200 km when measured north to south. The average width is 200 miles or 320 km. Thanks to the salinity of the water and its size, it is called a “sea”, but it is still technically a lake.

Visiting the World’s Smallest Lake

Benxi Lake China
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Going from the world’s largest to the smallest lake, Benxi Lake is just 15 meters square. This means it’s around the size of a bedroom, yet it is officially a lake. Benxi Lake is found in Benxi, Liaoning, China, in a very popular tourist area. This lake is so well-known that it was even recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the World’s Smallest Lake.

The Great Lakes Account for a Huge Percentage of the World’s Fresh Water

Lake Superior
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The Great Lakes can be found in North America and are made up of five lakes. Together, these lakes represent 21% of the world’s surface of fresh water. These lakes have become popular destinations for vacationing, water activities, fishing, and living close by. The five great lakes are Lake Ontario, Huron, Superior, Erie, and Michigan. Lake Superior is the largest and the deepest.

The Great Lakes are Home to Thousands of Shipwrecks

Lake Superior shipwreck
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Not only are the Great Lakes a huge part of the world’s freshwater makeup, but they are also home to over 6,000 shipwrecks. It has created some spectacular and interesting diving opportunities.

Lakes Can Support Massive Ecosystems

Lake Baikal
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As humans, we like to visit a lake for its beauty and calm nature. But did you know they serve as home to massive ecosystems? They are extremely important to all kinds of marine life including fish and plants. Lake Baikal holds the title for the most biodiversity as it is home to more than 2,500 species of animals and over 1,000 species of plants. This is a very large lake that is north of the Mongolian border in Siberia.

The Deepest Lake in the World

Lake Baikal Winter
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A lake doesn’t need to cover a lot of area just to be deep, which is why the deepest lake in the world isn’t the largest one. Once again, we look to Lake Baikal as the title holder. People flock to the Great Baikal Trail to get a better look at this spectacular body of water, including in winter when its used for ice skating. Lake Baikal is 5,315 feet or 1,620 meters deep. Lake Baikal is also the oldest freshwater lake in the world. It is believed to be 20-25 million years old.

Australia Is Home to a Pink Lake

Lake Hillier
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Generally speaking, when you think of a lake you dream of various shades of blue. But that’s not the case in Australia. Lake Hillier, which is located in Western Australia on Middle Island, is naturally vibrant pink. There is a specific bacterium in the water that turns it into a lovely shade of pink.

The Amazon River Has Lake Origins

Lake Lauricocha Peru
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Those familiar with the Amazon River know just how massive and awe-inspiring it is, but did you know it originated from a lake? Lake Lauricocha in Peru is what spawned the Amazon River. The Amazon River is so important to the planet that it has been dubbed the “lungs of the Earth”.

Most of the Lakes Are Found in a Handful of Countries

Lake in Russia
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For all those lakes, what is interesting is that the vast majority are found in just a handful of countries. The countries of Finland, Russia, Sweden, the United States (Alaska), and Canada are home to the largest number of lakes. That’s not to say that tropical countries don’t also have a lot; it just means that factually the majority of lakes are in the Northern Hemisphere.

The Majority of Lakes Are Low Lying

Low Lying Lake in Altai Russia
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Another cool fact about the world’s lakes is that 85% can be found at lower elevations. This means they are lower than 1,600 feet above sea level.

Must-Visit Lakes

Lake Moraine, Banff
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Giving just one lake the title of “the most beautiful lake” is impossible, and it comes down to personal choice. Some must-visit lakes include such bodies of water as Moraine Lake, Banff National Park, Canada; Lake Natron, Tanzania; Dead Sea, Jordan and Israel; Thale Noi, Thailand; Lake Kawaguchiko, Japan, and Hutt Lagoon, Australia.

Great Salt Lake Deserves the Name

Great Salt Lake Utah
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Oceans are known for being salty, so you may be surprised to learn that Great Salt Lake in Utah is saltier than the ocean.

A Subglacial Lake in the Antarctic

Lake Vostok Antarctica
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Imagine a lake that sits below a dense layer of ice and that’s exactly what you’ll find at Lake Vostok in Antarctica. It is the biggest subglacial lake on the planet, and thanks to it being below ice it has remained untouched.

Lakes Can Form and Disappear

Beautiful Lake in Spring
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A fact that many find surprising is that lakes can form and disappear at any given time. They aren’t static, and thanks to natural things such as rainwater, groundwater release, or permafrost, they affect the formation of lakes.

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