13 Disturbing Signs That a Child May Be a Psychopath

As a parent, you want only the best for your child. You want to believe they will have a wonderfully happy and fulfilling life. You also want to believe your child is healthy both physically and mentally, but unfortunately, that’s not the case for all. Some children suffer from serious psychological disorders that can stem from various issues and circumstances, but does that mean the child is a psychopath?

Here are 13 disturbing signs that a child may be a psychopath.


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Aggression, in particular, increased or uncontrollable aggression, can be a sign. The desire to inflict harm on others, especially towards young children, can be a red flag. It may be that they enjoy seeing others in pain or hurting.

Harming Animals

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Aggression can also be directed at animals, whether it is just an attempt to hurt an animal or following through on it. Some children may begin with “stabbing” stuffed animals before moving on to living animals. This is a very disturbing behaviour as animals don’t often have a way of defending themselves. There are plenty of examples where early displays of this behaviour can morph into extreme aggression and violence towards humans.

Does Not Laugh with Others

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If you’ve ever noticed a group of kids laughing uncontrollably it’s probably spread to you. It’s human nature, especially for young children, to laugh when they see other kids doing so. Even if they don’t know what the cause of the laughter is, they will often still join in. A child who doesn’t laugh with others may lack a sense of bonding and doesn’t have those social cues.

No Empathy Towards Others

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Showing empathy to others is another trait that people naturally develop. You feel for those who may be experiencing pain, stress, discomfort, and so forth. Another sign that could show a child is a psychopath is that they have a lack of empathy for others. They do not feel sensitivity to what others are experiencing and feeling.

Dramatic Temper Tantrums

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Here’s another potential red flag that some children may display. Temper tantrums are fairly normal for kids to go through, but excessive, extreme, and overly dramatic temper tantrums aren’t considered the “norm”. If a temper tantrum becomes aggressive and violent towards others, this also can be an early sign. These temper tantrums can become more violent with time.

Having “Accidents” On the Furniture

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Once a child has become toilet trained, the accidents should be done with. So what happens if a child is urinating on furniture despite the fact they may be going through or have completed toilet training? Some experts have pointed to this sign as the child showing their dominance, as though they are marking their territory and showing control.

No Remorse for Their Actions

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Things happen, and kids can make mistakes, hurt others, hurt people’s feelings, and so forth. Generally speaking, they learn right from wrong and learn what it means to feel remorseful about behaviour. A child who doesn’t seem to learn the difference and shows no signs of remorse, no matter their actions, could have psychological issues. This is much like the lack of empathy which is another red flag.

Constant Lying

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Not only is pathologically lying another warning sign but doing so with no remorse can be very alarming. Children lie here and there, again it’s natural, but they tend to feel bad about it and often end up telling the truth in the end once questioned by an adult. For a child that lies often, or all the time, it’s not even a matter of lying to get away with something rather they lie just for the sake of it.

Ignoring and Not Following the Rules

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Rules aren’t something that concerns a child who is a psychopath. They have no desire or need to follow the rules, and instead, they will push their limits testing the boundaries that have been set. They don’t believe that rules should be followed by them because they see themselves as above the law, or superior to rules. Don’t be surprised if they go out of their way just to break the rules, showing they are “above them”.

Punishment Doesn’t Phase Them

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When a child misbehaves it’s normal for a parent or adult to punish them such as a time out, perhaps having a toy taken away, or other such repercussions. For children who have psychopathic tendencies, punishment and consequences mean nothing to them. It’s not a learning opportunity, as discipline means nothing to them. What you may see as a “negative consequence” doesn’t register as such for a child who may be a psychopath. It can be described as an “indifference to punishment”.

Extremely Charming But Only Superficially

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So many times you will hear family members, friends, acquaintances, and witnesses describe a psychopath as “charming”. They often wouldn’t suspect that person of being a psychopath since their interactions with them were “pleasant and normal”. For a psychopath, this is just an act as they can be extremely charming on command, however, it is superficial. Often true psychopaths are described as being manipulative. They understand how to read a situation and get people to do and feel what they want.

Antisocial Tendencies and Antisocial Personality

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This trait shouldn’t be confused with being shy or being an introvert. Being shy in situations is a normal reaction and something most people will feel at some point in life. Strong antisocial behaviour is completely different. This means a child isn’t capable of bonding with other kids, and has no desire to. They may ignore other kids or even cause violent fights with them. They lack the desire to form friendships and connections.

Stealing for No Reason

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Stealing is never good, but a child who may be a psychopath can enjoy the challenge behind it. They don’t steal because they have to – such as socio-economic reasons – rather they steal just for the sheer sake of doing so. They enjoy the challenge it presents and they want to see if they can get away with it.

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