The Secret Tactics Companies Use to Screw Their Customers

The simple reality is that business is about one thing, and that is making a profit. This is why companies will find any way possible to scam their customers out of as much money as possible. The following is a list of things that companies secretly did to screw over their customers.

Higher Fees for Curbside Pickup

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Since the pandemic, many people were electing to get their groceries via curbside pickup rather than pick up their groceries in the store. Even though circumstances have improved, some people continued to do curbside pickup and those same grocery stores are happy to take advantage by charging higher prices.

“People got mad at them for charging a service fee for curbside so they took away the fee, but the items ordered through the app for curbside cost roughly 7% more than they would if you came in the store to buy them.”

Fake Sales

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Grocery stores often advertise their regular prices in their store flyers as sale prices, when in fact this is not the case. Then, when the sale ends, they’ll raise the price even higher. It’s a complete scam!

“When the grocery store I work for raises prices they advertise the regular price in the sale ad as if it’s on sale and then when the ad ends they raise the price.”

Larger Detergent Cap Sizes

tide laundry detergent bottle

A great way for laundry detergent companies to make more money is by making the caps bigger, therefore making people use more laundry detergent at once, even though it’s completely not necessary.

“IIRC (if I recall correctly), laundry detergent companies purposely made their cap sizes larger, so you will unnecessarily use more detergent.”

Detergent Companies Using More Fillers

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Many detergent companies like to take their popular products and add more fillers into them, then introduce a more expensive version that has a so-called improved formula, where it’s really just the original amount of active ingredients as in the beginning.

“I used to work for a chemicals company that provides the active ingredients to detergent companies. Many brands have more active ingredients when they are introduced, and once they become popular, they increase the ratio of “fill” materials, then introduce the next more expensive “improved formula” version where they simply added the original amount of active chemicals again.”

Shower Gel Companies

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It appears to be the case that shower gel bottles are designed in such a way so that you squeeze out far too much of it at once, thus making you buy more quicker.

“Along the same lines, I’m positive that old spice shower gel is designed to be too good at squeezing out the gel so you would use more than you expected so you use up the gel faster.”

6. Amazon E-Books

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A total scam is how Amazon can sell you e-books, but the provider has the option to take it back away from you if they so choose.

“This kind of renting system that is becoming more and more prevalent as everything becomes digital is ridiculous. In about 5-10 years you will not own anything whatsoever. EVERYTHING will be rented and that way you will always owe money. Yay capitalism!”

Cheap Car Dealerships

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Some car dealerships will fill up the gas tank when you trade in your car to the same point where the old gas tank was full in the old vehicle. This seems like a pretty big insult considering that an extra few gallons of gas would cost a car dealership next to nothing.

“Not secret and pretty minor, but when I bought my car before the one I have now, I went to a dealership which bragged that they replaced in the new vehicle the exact amount of gas that I had in my old car when I traded it in. Like it would have killed them to add 1.5 more gallons to fill it up the rest of the way. If they had just given me the car without the replacement gas, which is standard procedure anyhow, I wouldn’t have felt insulted.”

Old Tires on New Cars

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It seemed to be standard practice that car dealerships put old and used tires on the new cars they sell, claiming that they’re new, when in fact they’re not roadworthy at all.

“I’m relatively certain that while waiting to see the financing person at the dealership they replaced the tires on the vehicle I test drove with a set that was pretty much bald.”

Some Energy Drinks Downsizing Bottles


Many companies like Powerade and Gatorade simply make their bottles smaller while charging the same prices as before, if not more.

“Powerade went from 32oz big bottles, to 28oz big bottles”

Less Crispers in Every Bag



On the note of shrinkflation, another popular brand, crispers, started putting just 145 grams of crisps into their bags instead of 175 grams like they used to be. Talk about a scam!

“Crispers you don’t think I noticed going from 175g to 145g?”

Taking Away Headphone Jacks

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Many phone companies, particularly Apple, are removing the headphone jacks from their products just so you have to buy their expensive Bluetooth headphones.

“The removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack -sent from my iphone”

The Cloud

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There are many companies and employers that are now charging their employees and clients for space on the cloud, instead of storing data themselves. They do this simply so they can charge a lot more money.

“My employer licenses Confluence, Jira and Stash from Atlassian. Some months, the company declared that they would no longer offer the possibility to host the software on our own servers, that everyone has to move into the cloud, and that the license fee would increase 10x from 5 digits per year to 6 digits per year.”

Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

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There are plenty of prepaid cell phone companies out there that went from providing their services for a full month with a single plan to just four weeks or 28 days.

“Noticed this, I got stranded without credit on the 29th. Was beyond angry and called the provider (only number it let me connect to) and told them to either come pick me up or give me my credit.”

Cereal Boxes

Honeycomb cereal
It’s funny how this cereal brand decided to make its boxes taller and shallower, so they still look big on the shelves, when in fact they have a lot less in them.

“Back in ’06/’07 when I did overnight stocking, I noticed a trend in Kellogg’s cereals: the boxes got taller. That’s when I also realized they were shallower. Just as wide, so it still looked bigger on the shelf. These new boxes had a couple ounces less product in them, each, and were the same price.”

Filling Ice Cream With Air

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A common practice is to pump more air into ice cream to make it look like there’s more in the container than there actually is.

“Ice cream, in Europe at least, is sold by “litre” (or volume), not by “grams” (weight). Most manufacturers now pump more air into their ice cream as it’s being mixed and packaged, so that they can still claim that it’s a “1 litre” package while it weighs a lot less than it used to.”

Hospital Food Quality

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Over the years, food available in hospitals has decreased in quality drastically. These hospitals may as well be serving dog food to their patients.

“I used to work for a food department at my hospital, it’s a pretty major hospital and they outsourced the food department to some other company. The food wasn’t fantastic, but it was ok by hospital standards. But when the new company took over, everything went to hell. The quality of the food went down, they would send food up to patients cold, and most of the time they wouldn’t even send the right food.”

McDonald’s Coffees

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Although they don’t necessarily do it anymore, McDonald’s used to serve their coffee very hot to prevent people from wanting free refills.

“McDonald’s use to serve their coffee extremely hot to prevent refills. and then started a smear campaign against one specific customer that got third degree burns from their molten lava beverage, because ‘what idiot doesn’t know coffee is hot.”

Different Containers for the Same Amount

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This particular restaurant, which will remain unnamed, sold the different sizes of soups, only for the employees to realize that the mugs, bowls, and other containers all contain the exact same amount.

“A restaurant I worked at sold a mug of soup or a bowl. The bowl cost a bit more implying it was a larger portion. I poured a mug into a bowl one day and realized they held the same volume.”

Pay to Play Games

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Mobile game developers have gotten into the habit of forcing customers to pay money to beat their games. If you don’t pay money within the game, you’ll end up finding a level that is impossible to beat.

“Mobile game makers are the masters of this by leveraging game play algorithms to make play harder for periods of time to make a level impassable unless power ups are purchased. Right now there’s a big hubbub with Playrix’s Gardenscapes after they quietly slashed the number of moves in levels. Slowly players have caught on and most see it as a giant FU to longtime players.”

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