15 Coffee Desserts You Won’t Be Able to Resist!

Indulge your taste buds with a delightful blend of two beloved treats: coffee and dessert! Whether you’re a caffeine aficionado or a dessert devotee, these coffee flavored delights are sure to satisfy your cravings. From rich and decadent cakes to irresistible cookies, the following list of delicious desserts that include coffee as an ingredient are a must-try. 

Easy Homemade Chocolate Cannoli Cake

a piece of chocolate cannoli cake on a plate with a fork and more pieces in the background
Image credit: This Mom is On Fire.


A typical cannoli cake is made with mascarpone cheese. Well this Chocolate Cannoli Cake is quite different and because first, its a sheet cake, and second, its not full of cream. But it has all of my favorite flavors combined in one cake: coffee, chocolate, ricotta cheese and the freshness of orange. Your taste buds will go wild over this flavor combo!

Keto Coffee Cheesecake Bars

2 cheesecake square bars
Image credit: This Mom is On Fire


This coffee cheesecake is super simple to make. The crust is made out of almond flour, butter and cocoa powder pressed down into a pan and baked for a few minutes. While the crust is baking, the prep for the filling takes literally no time. This coffee cheesecake recipe is gluten-free and has my favorite flavor combination of chocolate and coffee!

Coconut Coffee Ice Cream

coconut coffee ice cream in a bowl
Image credit: Running to the Kitchen


This dairy free coconut coffee ice cream is chock full of coconut flavor with a punch of coffee.

No Churn Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream with Boba

coffee ice cream in a bowl
Image credit: xoxobella


Vietnamese coffee ice cream with boba makes such a delicious treat. It’s rich and creamy, boasting plenty of coffee flavour and the chewiness of boba pearls on top. It’s an unusual no-churn coffee ice cream recipe which you are going to love. Vietnamese coffee ice cream is delicious with the flavours of coffee and boba.

Coffee And Walnut Cookies

coffee and walnut cookies
Image credit: So Yummy Recipes


Soft, chewy, and crunchy are the textures you get from these moreish coffee and walnut cookies. With enough sweetness that marries well with the buttery and flavorful coffee aroma, you will love these cookies.

Vegan Coffee Cake

Vegan coffee cake
Image credit: Delish Knowledge


Incredibly moist and a thick layer of cinnamon crumble, this is the best vegan coffee cake! Easy to make and perfect for holiday celebrations, gifting, dessert and brunch. This one is vegan, using dairy-free subs like vegan yogurt or vegan sour cream along with non-dairy milk and vegan butter.

Dark Chocolate Kahlua Coffee Bites

dark chocolate Kahlua coffee bites piled
Image credit: Running to the Kitchen


These grain free, gluten free dark chocolate Kahlua coffee bites are like biting into a decadent truffle except without the guilt.

Gluten-Free Coffee Cake

gluten-free coffee cake
Image credit: Pass Me the Tasty


Sour cream makes this gluten-free coffee cake rich and tender in crumb, and an irresistible cinnamon pecan streusel in both the filling and the topping adds twice as much joy.

Coffee Overnight Oats Recipe

coffee overnight oats in mason jars
Image credit: The Gracious Pantry


Wake up to a bowl full of oats, milk, and coffee. This sweet and creamy coffee overnight oats recipe is a breakfast treat that can be prepared the night before so you can sleep in a little longer in the morning.

Coffee Cake (1887)

loaf of coffee cake, slice cut out
Image credit: The 1800s Housewife


The cake in question is a coffee cake, baked from the 1887 White House Cook Book. While it’s definitely a cake with a dryer texture, I appreciate that the level of sweetness isn’t overwhelming, and that the flavors of the spices and raisins are able to really shine through.

Air Fryer Pistachio Pudding Coffee Cake

Air Fryer Pistachio Pudding Coffee Cake
Image credit: xoxoBella


Try this air fryer pistachio pudding coffee cake if you’re looking for new, exciting air fryer recipes. This air fryer cake with pistachio, coconut and almonds is so tasty. This easy-to-make pistachio coffee cake is made with pistachio instant pudding and other simple ingredients.

Chocolate Coffee Peanut Butter Muffins

coffee peanut butter muffins
Image credit: Running to the Kitchen


These chocolate peanut butter muffins have a hint of coffee in them. They’re grain free and sugar free!

The Best Moist Chocolate Cake From Scratch (with coffee) 

a piece of chocolate cake with a candle
Image credit: The Gourmet Bon Vivant


This cake is simple, easy and produces results every time. It tastes like the most decadent, rich and complex chocolate cake you’ve ever had. 

Nutella Coffee Cake

nutella coffee bundt cake
Image credit: Dishes Delish


Moist, buttery, and bursting with flavor, Nutella coffee cake is the perfect way to start your day. Made with a delicious crumble topping and rich swirls of Nutella, this recipe is guaranteed to be a new staple in your home.

Coffee and Walnut Cake Traybake

coffee and walnut cake
Image credit: So Yummy Recipes


This coffee and walnut cake traybake by Mary Berry is a perfect companion for your afternoon cuppa. The cake is so moist with the right sweetness that it pairs well with the savoury walnuts.

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