Boomer Inspired Leopard Prints and Other Clothing Items Women Refuse to Wear Now

Fashion trends change regularly, but some seem to overstay their welcome. Certain clothing styles don’t work for everyone, whether due to personal taste or how it suits different body types. Women were asked in an online community to name a piece of clothing they would never wear. Here are some clothing styles and accessories that some women refuse to buy.

1. Rompers

Rompers are a one-piece outfit, like a shirt and shorts sewn together. Rompers can look elegant and super cute, but they aren’t for everyone. 

“I bought the cutest romper that goes with all my shoes and so many occasions. But then I had to sit naked in a bathroom stall. Never again. Luckily mine was easy to convert into a dress.”

“I hate when I go shopping and think, “oh what a cute dress” and then it turns out to be a romper!” 

“Rompers don’t fit my body type.”

2. Logos

There was a time when logos on clothing were a must, or you weren’t cool. We’re looking at your Gen X. But now, some view big logos and wearing too many at once as tacky. Many people are happy to wear no-name brands that are generally less expensive and mimic the same styles.

“I don’t buy or wear anything with logos. I’m not paying to advertise a brand.”

“Absolutely backing you up on the logo thing. I can let it go if it’s really small, but the clothing where the logo is the focal point of the clothing? Absolutely not.”

“My dad asked me when I was a young teen ‘Why are you paying them to advertise for them?’ and that has rung in my ear every time I’ve shopped for more than 10 years now!”

I think it’s so tacky when people wear head to toe branded/logo outfits, especially when it’s multiple different brands. It’s like what are you doing? You’re riding the subway like the rest of us lol. I guess if you’re getting paid to advertise those clothing brands it’s different.”

3. Cropped Clothes

Cropped tops are still thriving, mainly because of their pairing with high-waisted pants. But not everyone is keen on exposing their midsection, and some like a little bottom coverage.

“I can’t stand how almost every top you see these days is cropped. Not everyone wants to a) bare their midriff or b) wear high-waisted pants!”


“I never understood cropped sweaters, like yeah they can be cute but you still get cold.”

“I’m waiting for this trend to die so stores can start selling normal length shirts again.”

4. Crocs

Crocs are handy because they easily slip on quickly, and many swear by their comfort. But many people think Crocs are ugly and should only be worn with very casual outfits.

“I also find them very ugly so no loss for me.”

“They’re cute on toddlers. I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing them.”
“I think people find them comfortable so that’s why they’re popular. They’re definitely ugly though, and I’ll die on that hill. Even as a kid with the gimmicky charms, I always wondered why anyone could want holes in their shoes.”

5. Animal Prints

Several women complained about animal print clothing looking cheap and tacky. Yet animal prints have survived the test of time. Some blamed boomers for keeping the trend alive.
“Don’t know why but it looks cheap and trashy!”
“I don’t know how animal prints become trashy. But they are.”
“I think you can blame boomers. My mother has been obsessed with leopard since the 80s and has leopard everything.”
“Animal print in general. I have never ever seen anything animal print related that didn’t look tacky.”

6. Low Waisted Clothes

Low-waisted jeans were a huge trend, but the jeans weren’t suitable for every body type. Everyone wore them, but many regret the extra skin and rolls exposure that couldn’t be avoided with that style.


“I don’t wear low-waist clothes either – I have prolonged body proportions, so they just don’t fasten up on me. Long live high-waist jeans!”

“I swear I still have a pronounced muffin top from those being too tight. Ugh. Dumb younger self.”

“Low waisted jeans were the bane of my existence in middle school. That was the style, but I’m all butt/hips, and have the lower tummy pouch. Those jeans were a nightmare. I’m mid rise till I die.”

“Exact same experience in middle school. My only true love is high waist. Also hides the fact that my upper body to leg ratio is similar to E.T.’s.”

7. Uncomfortable Underwear 

Uncomfortable underwear can seriously ruin your day. Many have been in a position where they have had to sneak into corners and pull out a wedgie. The material and the shape matter when it comes to comfort. Whether you prefer full coverage or a thong, comfort is extremely important.

“RIGHT? I refuse to wear non-cotton underwear too, especially during That week. Too much moisture accumulation to do anything else.”

“Uncomfortable underwear. Not even a specific style, just any at all that are not 100% comfy. About 90% of my panties are granny panties.” 

“Non cotton underwear. I never saw the appeal for sexy underwear cause every time I look that them I think myself how could be comfortable?”

8. Bodysuits

Bodysuits can look nice tucked in, but not many find them comfortable. Some styles now have buttons at the bottom, but before, they were one piece that left you with the same feeling as wearing a romper.

“I don’t even like thongs. Now it’s a shirt thong wedgie. No thanks. Just give me the whole shirt like normal. Tucking in is totally fine.”

“They seem uncomfortable. I don’t like tight underwear.”

“If I find a body suit I like, I just tuck it and don’t button it. Problem solved! It also fits better that way.” 

9. Cold Shoulder Shirts

The cold shoulder trend was big, but not everybody was a fan. Some people felt the style gave a particular look or vibe they didn’t like.

“Agreed, I have yet to meet one that didn’t somehow look trashy, lol”

“Honestly, anything with cutouts. I just think it looks tacky.”

“Cold shoulder tops or sweaters – why would I want to have cold shoulders if I’m wearing a sweater because it’s cold, lol”

10. High Heels

Many women love their heels. But since the flats and sneakers trend, many women have difficulty returning to heels. It’s no different than people ditching pants and jeans with button closures for joggers and tights. It’s hard leaving the comfort of non-restrictive clothing.

“Super pointy toe high heels. They look like a witch shoes on me and make my feet look huge. Hard pass.”

“Stiletto high heels. I like to walk and to enjoy my time outside, I don’t see the point of wearing something only looks good in photos.”

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