20 Delicious and Satisfying Chicken Soup Recipes To Make for Dinner

Chicken soup is a classic comfort food that warms the soul and brings back cherished memories of home-cooked meals. Whether you’re feeling under the weather or simply craving a hearty bowl of goodness, chicken soup never disappoints. The following list offers a variety of chicken soup recipes, from traditional favorites to creative twists, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. 

Chicken Mulligatawny Soup

chicken mulligatawny soup in a bowl close up
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Chicken Mulligatawny Soup is a popular soup that originated in Indian cuisine and has since become a favorite in many parts of the world. The name “Mulligatawny” actually comes from the Tamil language and means “pepper water.”

Chicken Mulligatawny is a hearty and flavorful soup made with spices, vegetables, and chicken. The soup typically includes ingredients like curry powder, garlic, and coconut milk, which gives it a unique taste and aroma. This soup is so comforting, and it is also a healthy option that is packed with nutrients. Whether you are looking for a quick and easy meal or something to warm you up on a cold evening, chicken Mulligatawny soup is a delicious and satisfying option.

Instant Pot Chicken Pot Pie Soup

chicken pot pie soup in a bowl
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This instant pot chicken pot pie soup is loaded with tender chicken thighs and veggies in a deliciously creamy broth. It’s Whole30-approved, dairy-free, and gluten-free for a comfort food meal that is both wholesome and indulgent.

Easy Mexican Soup with Chicken

Mexican chicken soup in a bowl
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This Mexican soup recipe is so simple and easy that you can have dinner on the table for the entire family in no time. There isn’t much to it, it’s just like any one pot meal. Just toss all the ingredients together and let it simmer away.

Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe

creamy chicken noodle soup in a bowl
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This creamy chicken noodle soup recipe is the best cozy comfort food meal you’ll want to eat all fall and winter! Classic chicken noodle soup gets a few creamy flavor upgrades and it’s all served over dumpling noodles for the comfort of a chicken noodle soup, but a little elevated. It’s easy to make, made with simple ingredients, and will warm you right up.

Spicy Chicken Soup

spicy chicken soup in a bowl
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With half a chicken & two types of chili this is THE spicy chicken soup you need when you’re craving something cosy and spicy. Done in under an hour, packed full of flavor & textures and low in carbs – this is a soup you don’t want to miss!

Flavourful Red Curry Thai Coconut Chicken Soup with Sweet Potatoes and Peppers

Thai red curry coconut chicken soup
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This Thai coconut chicken soup with sweet potatoes and peppers is a keeper! It’s a satisfying soup with red curry, sweet potatoes, chicken, garlic, and lots more. This Thai chicken soup recipe is always a BIG hit. If you are looking for a recipe for a soup with red curry or a hearty Thai recipe with chicken, then you should try this out.

Grandma’s Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe

Grandma's chicken noodle soup in a bowl
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A comforting bowl of grandma’s chicken noodle soup with homemade egg noodles and classic vegetables that will always be there for you, even on the coldest nights.

Instant Pot Chicken Barley Soup

Instant pot chicken barley soup in a mug
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This Instant Pot Chicken Barley Soup recipe is very easy, it uses simple and hearty everyday ingredients with delicious flavor in every spoonful. Instant Pot Soup recipes are perfect all year round, but especially when it’s cold out or you’re feeling under the weather. Juicy tender chicken, vegetables, and spices make up this amazing instant pot chicken barley soup.

Buffalo Chicken Soup with Orzo

buffalo chicken soup in a bowl
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Love buffalo wings? Then you’ll love this cheesy, spicy, buffalo chicken soup with orzo. It’s a simple and easy meal that’s ready in just 30 minutes!

Chicken Carcass Soup

chicken carcass soup
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Chicken soup made from the chicken carcass, why not? All the flavors of wonderful homemade chicken stock come together in this comforting chicken carcass soup recipe. This may be the best chicken soup recipe yet!

Creamy Chicken Enchilada Soup

creamy enchilada soup in a bowl
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Creamy Chicken Enchilada Soup is a hearty and delicious soup that’s quick and easy to make. With shredded chicken, black beans, Velveeta, cream cheese, and customizable spices, this soup is perfect for cool nights and impressive enough for dinner guests. Use rotisserie chicken for the easiest prep, making this soup a 30 minute meal made on the stove top.

Gluten-Free Chicken Soup

gluten-free chicken soup in a bowl
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A hearty, nourishing chicken soup for those cold, winter days when you’re not feeling top-notch or you just want to curl up with a comforting bowl of soup. Try this quick and easy version of traditional chicken soup that can be made with potatoes, noodles, or wild rice.

Green Chicken Pozole

Green Chicken Pozole in a bowl
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Green chicken pozole is a delicious and comforting Mexican soup that combines tender chicken, hominy, and a flavorful green broth made from tomatillos, chilies, and herbs.

Soto Ayam Recipe: Indonesian Chicken Noodle Soup

Soto Ayam
Image credit: So Yummy Recipes


Soto Ayam is a savoury chicken broth with shredded chicken and rice vermicelli. It is the Indonesian version of chicken noodle soup that offers heartwarming deliciousness.

Instant Pot Chicken Soup

easy instant pot chicken soup
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Often you see recipes like this where you have to boil the noodles on the stove and then add them in. Not in this one! You just throw them in a press the saute button. This Instant Pot Chicken Soup is made with carrots, celery, onions, and diced chicken breasts.

Instant Pot Chicken Soup Recipe

instant pot chicken soup
Image credit: The Gracious Pantry


The secret to a great chicken soup is the broth. The best chicken soup is always made from scratch. This Instant Pot chicken soup recipe uses riced cauliflower in place of rice or pasta to keep the carbs lower. You can omit it completely, or leave it out and replace it with rice or pasta after cooking the soup.

Easy Stovetop Chicken Noodle Soup

chicken noodle soup in a bowl
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Imagine a bowl of hot broth loaded with spices, tender shredded chicken, and al dente fusilli. You’ll feel better right at the first sip. Once you have made and tasted chicken noodle soup on the stove, it’ll be hard to go back to canned soup.

Easy Chicken Taco Soup Recipe

chicken taco soup in a bowl
Image credit: My Everyday Table


This EASY chicken taco soup recipe is everything you look for in a weeknight dinner. I love creating soups with my favorite top-secret (not really) soup ingredient – marinara sauce! The marinara sauce imparts major flavor in a minimal amount of time, and that is one of my big shortcuts when it comes to weeknight dinners

Easy Tom Kha Gai Soup (Thai Coconut Chicken Soup)

Tom kha soup in a bowl
Image credit: Pups with Chopsticks


This Tom Kha Gai soup is creamy and will give you authentic flavors for the best Thai coconut chicken soup you’ve ever had! What’s best is that it’s super quick and easy and is made with coconut milk and aromatics like lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, and galangal root.

Sous Vide Chicken and Bok Choy Soup

sous vide bok choy chicken soup n a bowl
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This Sous Vide Chicken and Bok Choy soup is made with chicken breasts, fresh vegetables and noodles, making this a simple yet warm and delicious meal. 

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