Adam Sandler

The Internet Declares the Most Unfunny Comedians

Comedians are brave people who’s sole purpose is making people laugh. Not every joke can be a hit, but they will lose their following if they repeatedly fail to entertain. It’s also not always their jokes that make them unfunny. According to the internet, here are the top-voted answers to the most unfunny comedians. 

Kobe Bryant and Mother Teresa

Famous Dead People Who are Remembered as Saints But Were Actually Sinners

Covering up crimes and repulsive behavior of famous people is a practice that has happened for decades. Many people who have died and wronged others are still treated like saints despite hearing about despicable things they have done. The following is a list of people who don’t deserve the accolades they get for their acting or activism.

woman wearing bandana on head and giving a thumbs up and smiling

The Comforting Family Meals Boomers Grew Up Eating

In the 50s, 60s, and 70s, traditional family meals were typically made with simple ingredients but would still vary from classic to creative. The following are examples of traditional meals that families would share when Boomers were growing up. Many of the meals are still popular today but the recipes may have a more modern twist. 

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Signs You’re in Your 40s and You Remember These Like it Was Yesterday

The hashtag SignsYoureInYour40s is currently trending on twitter. People in their 40s are jumping in and contributing to the fun with images of now obsolete objects and other things that were a significant part of their childhood. Funny enough, there were many references to back pain being a sign of entering the 40s as well! Have fun walking down memory lane with the following references.