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Her Boyfriend Got a Job 2 Hours Away So She Takes the Train and Stays One to Two Weeks a Month and He Now Wants Her to Split the Rent and Bills Even Though She Pays for the Train and Groceries

The original poster’s (OP) boyfriend told her that she should be paying for half of his rent and bills since she spends about half her time at his place. But OP says she never chose to have the boyfriend move to a city where life is far too expensive, and that she should not have to pay anything. Who is in the wrong?

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He Gave His Daughter $4000 for Christmas to Help with Her New Home Expenses and Only $800 Worth of Gifts to His Son Who Lives at Home and Now He is Resentful that they are Playing Favorites

The original poster (OP), the father of two kids, gave his daughter $4000 for Christmas as she just moved into a new home. He gave his son only $800 worth of Christmas presents. The son of OP felt like he was being neglected and voiced his concern, to which the father replied that he was being unreasonable. Is OP in the wrong?

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He Planned to Take His Wife on a Vacation and Leave His Son with His Mother-in-Law But Just Before the Trip She Asked to Be Paid $500

The original poster (OP) and his wife wanted to go on vacation, and he had asked his mother-in-law to babysit their son for five days while they were gone. She happily agreed, and then last minute, said that she would want $100 per day. OP refused and then asked his own parents to watch, which they happily agreed to, free of cost. Is he wrong for not wanting to pay the MIL any money?

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She Was Pressured By Her Friend to Attend a Dinner at an Expensive Restaurant So She Ordered Nothing But Her Friend Said She Embarrassed Her In Front of Her In-Laws

OP had a friend who invited her to a dinner with her future in-laws, but at the last second switched it from her own home to a restaurant. OP could not afford the restaurant, but was guilted into attending anyway. She didn’t order any food, and was then was called an embarrassment for sitting at the restaurant and not eating. She now feels like she might have been wrong.

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She Pays Her Kids $10 a Day For Completing Chores But Her Ex-Husband Got Angry When She Deducted Money From Her 12 Year Old Son Who Refused to Complete “Girl Chores”

The original poster (OP), a 41-year-old female with three sons, made it clear that for every day that chores were not done, the $10 of allowance would not be given. One of her sons refused to do chores for three days, and thus ended up with only $20 instead of $50 for the week. The son and his father were extremely upset about this. Is the mother, the OP, in the wrong?