21 Yummy & Healthy Road Trip Snacks to Curb Your Hunger

a man and woman eat snacks while driving in a car

Many people are driving to their destinations with airline ticket prices surging this year. Whether your destination is one hour or eight hours away, it’s important to have snacks handy to prevent unnecessary stops. You’ll save time and money by packing snacks from home. Read on for the best road trip snacks for your next … Read more

35 Best Gifts for Foodies in Your Life

a box of chocolate gift that was tied with a red bow is now open

Finding the perfect gifts for foodies can be intimidating, but it’s not as hard as you might think. Sometimes it’s just about finding something unique or unusual they didn’t even know they needed. Sure, a restaurant gift card is welcome, but these gifts will make a better impression. We’ve rounded up the best gifts for … Read more

Best Meal Prep Tips for Busy Moms

woman in apron cutting a tomato and other vegetables

Sports practices, music lessons, and other kids’ activities can throw a wrench in your meal plans. Fast food and takeout are so tempting when you have a busy night and don’t have time to cook. However, consistently eating fast food on busy nights can wreak havoc on your wallet and your family’s health. Learning how … Read more

6 Tips For Eating More Mindfully

People sitting around a table eating

Written by: Kiersten Hickman Feature image G-Stock Studio // Shutterstock It’s easy to get distracted and rush through life. Between constant smartphone notifications, work emails, family obligations, and the never-ending scroll on social media, it’s no wonder the world is constantly operating in a state of hurry. Unfortunately, our eating habits tend to reflect that. … Read more

6 Healthy Food Ideas to Help You Eat Better

healthy food ideas, fresh fruit and vegetables cut up

Eating healthy can be challenging. Every time you turn around, a new study tells you that something you thought was good is bad for you. Don’t worry, though – we’re here to help! This post will discuss some healthy food ideas to help make smart eating easier. So read on – your health (and taste … Read more

10 Plant-Based, Kid-Friendly Snacks For Back-To-School Season

mom holding daughter, eating plant-based, kid-friendly snacks

Written by: Kiersten Hickman Description: Kick off the back-to-school season with these tasty and healthy plant-based snacks for your children, compiled by Thistle. Thistle 10 plant-based, kid-friendly snacks for back-to-school season You may have set a goal this school year to provide your kids with healthier snacks in their lunchboxes, or already stocked up for … Read more

All About Tropical Smoothies and 15 Easy Recipes

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Tropical Smoothies are made with fruits and vegetables and enriched with healthy ingredients. A nutritious smoothie can complete and complement any meal. Adding foods like coconut oil, seeds, oatmeal, chia seeds, and flaxseed oil can increase the nutrients in your smoothie and give it an omega-three boost. Smoothies have been consumed since the early 1990s … Read more

28 Cheap Healthy Snacks on a Friendly Budget

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With the rise in food costs, finding cheap healthy snacks can be a struggle, but no less important. Having healthy snacks to eat during the day can help you keep your food budget down and give you an extra boost of energy throughout the day. Still, coming up with ideas for snacks that are both … Read more

35+ Irresistible Picnic Food Ideas

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One of the true joys of the summer months is a picnic with family or friends. Whether you travel to a favorite picnic spot, head out on an adventure, or spread a picnic blanket in your garden, eating together outdoors can be pure bliss. When choosing picnic food, we can sometimes get stuck in a … Read more

Air Fryer Chicken Breast – an Easy and Delicious Dinner

air fryer chicken breast, chicken plated with vegetables and potato wedges

Chicken breast that is seasoned to perfection outside and tender and juicy on the inside defies the stereotypes that comes with boneless, skinless chicken breast. Many people associate baked chicken, and especially chicken breast recipes with being on the drier side. However with this melt-in-your mouth tender air fryer chicken breast, this recipe will become … Read more

Meal Planning to Save Time and Money

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Meal planning takes time and effort, but it is definitely a rewarding exercise. The benefits include: saving money staying within a food budget wasting less food reducing the stress of making meals on the fly losing weight being prepared when short on time less likely to get take-out Meal planning can help save money by … Read more

15+ Party Food Ideas That Will Impress Your Guests!

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Are you planning on having a party anytime soon? Hosting a party and planning it can be highly stressful, especially feeding the crowd. You might be wondering what party food to serve to your guests.  From simple classics like Buffalo wings to fancy charcuterie boards to amazing cheesecakes, many ideas can make your party rock. … Read more

Air Fryer Jalapeno Poppers

baked jalapeno poppers

It’s the weekend and all you want to do is have a movie night with friends and family, or maybe its game night. Whatever the occasion, (even if it’s just you alone, I won’t judge) air fryer jalapeno poppers will always be a crowd pleaser and the perfect casual appetizer. This jalapeno poppers recipe is … Read more

Easy Black Bean Chili Beef Stir Fry

stir fry cooked in pan step 3

It’s no secret that stir fry is a great mid-week dish but on occasion it can be difficult to figure out exactly how to make it happen where it turns out perfect. I have tried a lot of different variations of stir fry over the years, some with great success and other times not so … Read more