How Much Time the Average American Spends On Chores

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Written by: Beth Mowbray Canva How much time the average American spends on chores Household chores are a necessary—albeit dreaded by many—part of daily life. It seems there is a never-ending to-do list involved with maintaining a home and keeping it running smoothly. Tasks like taking care of children and pets, cooking, cleaning, and doing … Read more

This Cleaning Kit Will Get Your House Sparkling

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Cleaning is much easier when you have a cleaning kit of all the products you need for the whole house at your fingertips. With so many different cleaning products on the market, it’s easy to stock up on too many products that you ultimately don’t even need. Make a list of the essentials and keep … Read more

7 Ways to Increase Storage Space in Your Backyard

large storage shed in the backyard

Written by: Leesa Davis Feature image: Christin Lola // Shutterstock When the COVID-19 pandemic began, many stayed home as much as possible to limit contact with others. With all that time in lockdown, it’s no surprise that many took to sprucing up their homes—and backyards were no exception. For those fortunate enough to have their … Read more

Storage Ideas For Every Room in Your House

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Written by: Amanda Push Finding time to clean and organize your home in between all the other tasks on your busy to-do list can feel like a challenge. But tackling your overflowing closet might have more benefits than just a tidier bedroom: Studies have shown that clutter in your home can make it increasingly difficult … Read more

Decluttering Tips From Experts to Help You Get Organized

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Spring cleaning is upon us, and Stacker spoke with several experts to get their takes on the best spring cleaning and decluttering practices. Decluttering tips from experts to help you get organized Decluttering and organizing an entire home can be an overwhelming task. Clutter can cause anxiety, affect our ability to focus, and generally make … Read more

10 Kid-friendly Chores That Can Help Teach New Skills

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Household chores are more than inconvenient necessities or things to “make” your children do: They can function as building blocks for a young person’s development. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has even established a set of milestone criteria parents can use to both gauge their child’s development and make inroads toward longer-term developmental goals. … Read more

The Pantry Storage Plan That Will Change Your Life

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We have all seen pictures and videos of amazing kitchen pantries, spotlessly clean, perfectly organized visions of shiny canisters or decorative mason jars with stylish labels filled to the brim with all kinds of foodstuffs. These aspirational pantries are designed to inspire and motivate us, but we are often left feeling inadequate.  Where do you … Read more

25 Super Useful TikTok Cleaning Hacks

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TikTok is highly addictive, majorly entertaining but also really informative! Yes, its also a big time suck! But I did y’all a favor and picked out what I thought were some of the best TikTok cleaning hacks that you can start trying today! If you are anything like me and hate cleaning, these hacks will … Read more

The Best Dollar Tree Cleaning Supplies

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I cringe at the thought of cleaning, and I cringe even more at the thought of spending a lot of money on cleaning supplies! So why spend so much on something many of us hate doing? In my opinion, Dollar Tree cleaning supplies are just as good as name brand cleaning products, without wasting extra … Read more

Tips for an Easy to Clean House Design

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Cleaning and maintaining the house regularly can be challenging. The more people and the more space you have, the more demanding it is. When it comes to designing and decorating the house, I’ve always been more inclined to look for easy to clean furniture and accessories than follow current trends! Before we moved into our … Read more

10 Tips to Get the Kids Cleaning Up After Themselves

Kids making a mess with their toys

My children are getting older but I still struggle with getting the kids to clean up the messes that they make. I’m grateful for the times that they actually pull out some toys and play with them nicely. But there is still nothing that compels them to clean up after themselves. The response I always … Read more