Review of Wood Worx Jewelry Stand Kit

A craft kids called Word Worx that contains pieces of a jewelery stand

If you have a daughter that has a substantial jewelry collection and loves coloring and making crafts, then the Wood Worx jewelry stand kit is a gift to consider buying her. My daughter received this jewelry stand for her birthday.  Have you ever received gifts for the kids when they were really young and thought, … Read more

Family Fun Night at Home Ideas

Family Fun Night at Home Ideas

Thursday nights, like clockwork when the weekend is approaching, the kids ask about what kind of fun we have planned.  It’s a lot of pressure! I love that the kids look forward to family time.  So we try to make an effort to do something and plan a family fun night that everyone will enjoy.  … Read more

20 Easy Baking Recipes for Kids

Kids baking recipes roundup, 20 recipe ideas from different people

My kids really love to be involved in the kitchen.  They get so excited when they are dumping ingredients into a bowl and mixing eggs up. I try my best to be patient and yes there is often more mess than I would like to see! Even though they are young still, I know that … Read more

Fun Family Activities To Do Outdoors

spending quality time with family outdoors

I realized recently that most of our favorite fun family activities are outdoors.  They have also become part of our family tradition.  I hope that my kids will always remember these outings together as a family fondly when they leave their childhood behind.  I’m not really sure how these outdoor activities became our favorite because, … Read more

4 Podcasts Your Kids Will Love Listening To

kids listening to podcasts through earphones

I think its safe to say that excessive screen time is an issue in many a household.  As soon as television time ends, the request to use the iPad comes forward.  It seems like kids constantly need to be entertained now.  Reading time is extremely important and usually an enjoyable pass time for kids.  But … Read more

A Fun Family Fitness Idea To Do From Home

2 kids exercising infront of a tv

IVANA’S FAMILY FITNESS STORY Most of my life I had been in pretty good shape, always incorporating exercise into my lifestyle. But that quickly changed after giving birth to two beautiful girls. Losing weight after child birth has been a big struggle.  I thought that I would just restart my exercise routine and eventually bounce … Read more

Design T-Shirts with the Kids

kids wearing t-shirts they designed

It was day 10,001 of being at home.  Actually it was Earth Day which was at the end of April so I guess I’m slightly exaggerating.  Typically the kids talk about the importance of Earth Day at school and participate in activities and make crafts related to caring for the environment.  Since they would be … Read more

Children’s Printable Coloring Pages and Activity Sheets

Multiple activity cover pages

Do you ever hear the words “Mom, I’m bored” right when you are about to start cooking? Story of my life! That’s why I have designed a children’s printable coloring page and activity sheets to keep kids busy while we cook. Also, the coloring page and some of the activities are based on the recipes. … Read more