Kid’s Phone: How to Pick the Best One

kid playing with a cell phone

In the market for a cell phone for your child? It’s a big decision. A good kid’s phone gives parents the power to monitor and control their child’s digital experience. Here’s how to pick the best of the bunch.  The Pros and Cons of Getting a Kid’s Phone Benefits of Getting a Kid’s Phone It … Read more

How to Have Fun with the 80s Makeup Look

a group of people from the 80s

On days when the kids are feeling bored, it’s a rainy day, or we are just looking for something low energy other than watching screens, we like to play dress up. For those with girls, many love watching their moms put on makeup and want to try it out themselves. Playing dress-up gives my daughter … Read more

How to Make Cryptogram Puzzles for Kids

example of a cryptogram puzzle

Most kids love solving puzzles. I recently introduced them to Cryptogram puzzles. Not only did they love solving them, but when I told them they could even make themselves, they went crazy making them. What is a Cryptogram Puzzle A cryptogram is a type of puzzle that consists of a short piece of encrypted text. Generally its the … Read more

Basic Balloon Twisting For Kids

boy holding balloon dog

No, we’re not trying to put clowns out of business. Nor am I training my kids to be clowns! Though I’m trying to be open minded about their lifestyle choices! I just happen to come upon a balloon twisting kit, and I thought, what a great kids activity idea!

Green Kids Craft Review 2021

Green Kids Craft subscription box

Since we’ve been spending a significant amount of time at home, often homeschooling as well, parents worldwide are on a constant search for creative activities for kids to do at home. We had a lot of time on our hands and needed more little projects to keep the kids busy. So I ventured into the world of subscription boxes. One of them was Green Kids Craft subscription service.

The Best Gratitude and Giving Activity Ideas for Kids

The Best Gratitude and Giving Activity Ideas for Kids

Have you ever thought about how to regularly practice gratitude with your children?  I think as a parent we have all said the words ‘you’re being ungrateful’ when you hear ‘I’m bored’, ‘there’s nothing to do’, ‘my friend got this and I don’t have one!’….. I often wonder, as a child of immigrant parents who … Read more