She Made Her Boyfriend Hold Her Purse and Ice Cream While She Quickly Used the Restroom. He Put them on the Ground So He Could Eat His Ice Cream and Made Her Angry. Was He Wrong?

She has been with her boyfriend for over five years, so it’s surprising after being together for so long that, they are experiencing this situation for the first time. She is upset at her boyfriend’s actions and is asking the online community if she is wrong.

One day she went out for ice cream with her boyfriend. Shortly after purchasing the ice cream, she realized she needed to use the restroom. She says it would be a quick emptying of the bladder, no more than a few minutes. She asked her boyfriend nicely if he could hold her purse and ice cream while she quickly used the restroom because she didn’t want to put them on the dirty floor.

He immediately began protesting that holding her items would prevent him from eating his own ice cream. She was really feeling the pressure, so she ignored him, quickly handed him her items, and left. She says she normally didn’t ask him to hold her things, but she really didn’t want to put her ice cream on the floor in the restroom. But when she came back, she saw that her boyfriend had put her bag and ice cream on the ground anyway and was eating his own ice cream. He laughed at her when he saw that she was upset seeing her things on the ground.

Later after she went home, she texted him about how she was upset about what he had done. He responded that she should “find another coatrack” and swore at her to shut up. She said she had only asked him one thing and didn’t have time to stand there and argue with him as she had to go badly. He said he didn’t damage the bag, and everything was fine, but she found it disgusting that he put her food on the ground instead of holding it for two minutes.

She asked if he really couldn’t wait two minutes to eat his ice cream, and again he responded that he wasn’t her coatrack. He keeps telling her to stop making a big deal out of it, but she feels terrible because she would never do the same to him. She is reaching out to the online community to ask if she was wrong to hand him her things without getting his permission and leaving quickly.

Several readers jumped in to tell her that their partners regularly hold their bags for them when they have to use the restroom.
“I ask my husband to hold my stuff and he has NEVER complained in over 21 years together. “

“My husband always asks people if my purse matches his outfit lol he used to be embarrassed and now he don’t care. Grow up! I could understand the bag maybe but putting her ice cream on the floor??? Rude!”

One husband chimed in “I’d rather my wife ask me to hold her bag over putting it on the floor those bags have cost me a fortune.”

Many readers focused on the language he used when speaking to her and how inappropriate it was.

“Not only that, my partner would never in a million years swear at me with a straight face and mean it. That’s not how you treat the people you love.”

“Yeah, the rest of the post is a silly disagreement but that part stood out to me as well. You don’t talk to people you care about and respect like that.”

“Why do people think this is normal and allow people to talk to you like that? Break up and find someone new!”

A reader summed up what her response should be: “No, you’re not a coat rack. And you’re not my boyfriend anymore either.”

What do you think? Should she have respected that he didn’t want to hold her purse and ice cream because he wanted to eat his own ice cream? Or was he being selfish? Should she break up with him because of his attitude?

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