15 Things People Say Are The Most Boomer Things They Have Done

The baby boomers are getting pretty old now, and most of us associate this with a lack of technological aptitude and old school mentalities. However, younger generations are not immune from the boomer mentality and from committing boomer mistakes. Let’s take a look at the 12 most boomer things that younger people have done as of late.

1. Refusing to Type on a Mobile

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Most people nowadays use their mobile phones for virtually everything, including typing out long letters and emails. However, many of us older folks still don’t want to do that, with many of us sending texts and emails on the computer. This is now known as a boomer thing, with many people making fun of older generations who do this.

“That said, I really dislike typing on a phone. I type 100+ WPM on a keyboard. So, I send most of my texts from my computer. My wife on the other hand will type out a 5 page email on her phone. I can’t.”

2. Complaining About Loud Music

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There’s this idea out there that being annoyed by super loud music at all hours of the day is something that only boomers get upset about, but it appears as though some younger folks don’t like this either. Even younger people are now starting to yell at their neighbors for that obnoxious music.

” I’m 22 and I’ve yelled at my 18yo neighbor for the loud music at 9PM. Pretty much awkward.”

“Walked out of a restaurant before we were seated because the music was too loud. And for some reason, I felt the need to tell the hostess why we were leaving.”

3. Calling Cops for Filming

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With social media running rampant, everybody with a smartphone is filming themselves doing various trends for TikTok and other social media platforms. However, there are still those of us who are a little younger who don’t like this kind of thing period we don’t want to be filmed in public!

“Called the cops on teenagers for the TikTok video they were filming.”

4. Going to Bed Early

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Apparently you’re a boomer if you go to bed early to get up for that job that puts money in your pocket and food on the table. If you go to bed super early, you might just be a boomer.

“That extra hour in the morning having a coffee in silence while reading the paper is the best possible way to start the day. I really need to go to bed early more often.”

5. Asking For the Manager

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It seems as though everybody who has even the slightest grievance with any kind of retail outlet immediately calls for the manager. This really didn’t used to be the case, but it’s something that seems to be happening more and more.

“Say no more, Karen.”

6. Making Boomer Noises

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Something that boomers do, just because they’re old, is make noises when they stand up and sit down. Well, there are plenty of us out there who find ourselves making these groaning noises when we do nothing more than move.

“I groan when I stand up”

7. Sleeping in the Wrong Position

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There’s nothing better than getting a great night’s sleep, but also nothing worse than waking up in the morning with something hurting just because you slept funny. Yeah, it’s something that older boomers do, and if you find yourself doing this, maybe you’re one too.

“slept at the wrong angle and my back hurt for a few days.”

8. Getting Affordable Mortgages

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Although this is a bit more of a comedic entry than anything else, the reality is that back when boomers were still young, they were able to purchase houses and get mortgages at affordable rates. That just doesn’t seem to be the case anymore, so when this one person got a decent mortgage, they felt like they were a boomer.

“Bought a house with a reasonable mortgage payment and interest rate.”

9. Gluing Puzzles Together

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We’re pretty sure that young people don’t really know what jigsaw puzzles are anymore, because we certainly don’t see people doing them. However, this one person found themselves gluing together a 100 piece puzzle just so it wouldn’t fall apart, which definitely seems like an old person type of thing to do.

“Put together a 100 piece puzzle then glued it together so it didn’t come apart”

10. Going to the Bank

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Most of our transactions nowadays are based around credit cards and electronic payments. So, when some people go into the lobby of a bank to hit up the ATM to withdraw some cash, it may bring back feelings of nostalgia. It’s definitely something that people don’t do nearly as frequently anymore.

“Went into the lobby of a bank to withdraw cash.”

11. Obsessing Over Lawn Care

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Have you found yourself obsessed with your perfectly green lawn? Do you find yourself mowing every few days, watering the lawn, giving it fertilizer, and getting down on your hands and knees to click that extra long piece of grass? Many of us start realizing we are boomers when we give this much attention to our green lawns.

“I’ve been obsessed with my lawn since purchasing a home 2 years ago. Definitely not old enough for this yet, but I do love a good rain when “we really needed this.” Love a good, crisp edge around that bad boy, too.”

12. Driving the Speed Limit

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Although some people might call driving the speed limit nothing more than responsible, there are those that seem to think that it makes you old. Speed up boomer!

“Driving the speed limit. According to my family, that makes me an old lady. Edit: I’m only 18.”

13. Refusing to Use Self-Checkout

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“I refuse to use self checkout and hate when it’s pushed on me.”

“I was at the supermarket last night, and they literally said I had to use self-checkout unless I was buying alcohol, the one thing it can’t process.”

14. Complaining About Current Fashion Trends

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“Complained about how revealing people dress now adays.”

15. Using the Phrase “Kids These Days”

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“Saying things like ” kids these days.” I am 23.”

“I’m 27 and teach middle schoolers. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said “Back when I was a kid…” when seeing the kids do things that genuinely make no sense.”

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