24 Comforting Family Meals Boomers Grew Up Eating

In the 50s, 60s, and 70s, traditional family meals were typically made with simple ingredients but would still vary from classic to creative. The following are examples of traditional meals that families would share when Boomers were growing up. Many of the meals are still popular today but the recipes may have a more modern twist. 


meatloaf cut into half on a plate
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Meatloaf was a classic American dish that was popular in the 1960s. It was often made with ground beef, breadcrumbs, and spices and served with mashed potatoes and gravy.

Chicken a La King

chicken and vegetables in a cream sauce
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Chicken a la King or “king-style chicken” in english, was a popular meal in the 60s because it was an easy skillet, one-pan dish. 

Tuna Casserole

tuna casserole in a baking dish
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Tuna casserole was a popular midweek meal in the 1960s. It was made with canned tuna, egg noodles, and cream of mushroom soup and was often topped with potato chips for added crunch.

Pot Roast

beef, vegetables and potatoes in a pot
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Pot roast was a hearty and comforting meal that was popular in the 1960s. It was made by slow-cooking a beef roast with vegetables such as carrots, onions, and potatoes and was often served with crusty bread and butter.

Swedish Meatballs

swedish meatballs in a pan
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Swedish meatballs, which were actually invented in Turkey, became a staple in American households. Swedish meatballs are cooked in a homemade cream sauce but the Americanized version began using cream of mushroom soup to make it a quicker meal. 

Fried Chicken

fried chicken on a platter
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Fried chicken was a popular comfort food in the 1960s. It was often made by coating chicken pieces in seasoned flour and then frying them in oil until crispy and golden brown.

Beef stroganoff

egg noodles with creamy ground beef on top for a beef stroganoff
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Beef stroganoff was a rich and creamy dish that was popular in the 1960s. It was made with strips of beef, sour cream, and mushrooms and was often served over egg noodles.

Pork Chops

pork chop with mashed potatoes on a plate
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Pork chops were a versatile and affordable meat that was popular in the 1960s. They were often seasoned with herbs and spices and then baked, fried, or grilled, and were often served with applesauce or mashed potatoes.

Jell-O Salad

colorful jello molds on a table
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Jell-O salad was a popular side dish in the 1960s. It was made by mixing fruit, vegetables, and nuts with flavored gelatin and then setting it in a mold.

Beef Bourguignon

Beef bourguignon
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Beef bourguignon was a classic French dish that became popular in the 1960s and was also one of Julia Child’s signature dishes. It was made by slow-cooking beef in red wine with vegetables such as carrots and onions and was often served with crusty bread and butter.


ambrosia salad in a bowl
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Ambrosia is a type of fruit salad that originated in the southern United States. Most ambrosia recipes include oranges, pineapple, coconut and marshmallows. Some ambrosia salads include gelatin and whipped cream, topped with maraschino cherries. 


cheese fondu in a bowl with chunks of break being dipped
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Dipping food in cheese fondue was a popular dish in the 60s. Fondue was also a must at most dinner parties during that time. 


quiche on a cutting board
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A traditional quiche is made with just eggs as the base and mixed with a variety of cheeses, meats, and vegetables. A quiche recipe that gained popularity in the 1970s was the Quiche Lorraine. Originally a French dish, quiche Lorraine has a heavy cream and egg base and is filled with bacon and French cheeses. 

Hamburger Helper

Hamburger Helper
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Hamburger Helper was introduced in 1971 and became a staple item on every grocery store shelf. A box of Hamburger Helper contains dried pasta and packets of powdered sauce and seasonings. Depending on the recipes, all cooks had to do was brown ground beef or tuna or other recommended meats and water with the pasta and seasonings for a complete meal. 

Pasta Primavera

pasta with vegetables in a bowl
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Pasta Primavera, which means ‘Spring Pasta,’ is actually an American, not Italian dish that consists of pasta and fresh vegetables served in a creamy sauce. The dish first appeared on a menu of a famous New York restaurant and became popular after that. 


tortillas in a pile beside a hot pan of beef and chicken strips and vegetables.
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Fajitas are considered tex-mex flavored cuisine and became popular in the 70s. They are usually made with grilled strips of skirt steak or chicken which are cooked with onions and bell peppers. They are then rolled into a soft flour or corn flour tortilla and topped with shredded cheese. Fajitas are often served with such condiments as sour cream, salsa and guacamole. 

Cheese Balls and Logs

flavored cheese ball on a block with crackers
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This 1970s hit was a party table must-have at most gatherings just like the fondue. To make a cheeseball, a variety of soft cheeses like cream cheese and other easily shredded cheeses are blended together and formed into a shape of a ball or log. It is then rolled in black pepper, different herbs and nuts and served with crackers. 


chocolate drizzled crepes on a plate
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French crepes were around in the 60s but really gained popularity in the 70s. This quick, easy and delicate thin bread or pancake can be served with a wide variety of sweet and savory fillings and toppings. They are perfect for breakfast, snack or dessert for parties. 

Devilled eggs

devilled eggs on a plate
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Devilled eggs are another dish that became a party staple in the 70s. Devilled eggs are made by boiling eggs and slicing them in half lengthwise. Remove the hardened yolks into a separate bowl and mix in your spices and mayo. Scoop the yolk mixture back into each egg.  

Chicken Kiev

breaded and stuffed chicken breasts
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Chicken Kiev’s popularity can be traced back to British women in the 70s. The dish consists of breaded whole chicken breasts stuffed with garlic butter sauce. 

Stuffed Peppers

stuffed pepper with ground beef coming out with fork
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Bell peppers filled with a savory mixture of ground meat, rice, and spices, then baked until tender. It was a hearty and satisfying main course. Stuffed peppers were an affordable comfort food that was part of the dinner rotation for many families in the 70s.

Zucchini Bread

zucchini bread on a cutting board with 2 zucchinis and walnut.
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Zucchini has always been a versatile vegetable and was part of a hit recipe in the 1970s knowns as zucchini bread. This vegetables adds to the moistness of any baked good. Whether going sweet or savory, zucchini bread remains a popular loaf in households today.

French Onion Soup

french onion soup in a bowls
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French onion soup was popular in the 60s and the 70s. Recipes from France became popular in the 60s and 70s, especially with the hit cookbook by Julia Child called “Mastering the Art of French Cooking.” The main ingredients are caramelized onions, beef broth and gruyere cheese. 

Pineapple Chicken 

pineapple chicken
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Hawaiian-inspired pineapple dishes became extreme popular in the 70s. The sweet and savory combination was a hit in many households. Many recipes Include chunks of pineapple and the juice to make to make a thickened sauce to eat with the stir fried vegetables and chicken. 

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