He Left the Bed He Bought When He Moved Out. His Ex Girlfriend Got a Refund On it for a Defect But it Went to His Credit Card. She Wants the Money. He Says its His. Is He Right?

He lived with his ex-girlfriend for 9 years, and they broke up a year ago. He says they are still on good terms and still share some investments together. While they were living together, he somehow broke the bed she owned. She said it was his fault and he should buy another one. So he purchased a new ottoman bed which included storage underneath, for £350. He used it for about two years until they broke up, and he moved out. She continued to use the bed.

However, the bed wasn’t working correctly. The hinges had a defect, so the drawers weren’t closing properly. His ex-girlfriend contacted him to ask if he had received a refund from the bed company because she complained that the bed had a defect, and they agreed to return the money. The company automatically returned the money to the credit card used to purchase it, which belonged to him. 

The ex-girlfriend asked him to transfer the money to her so she could buy a bed for herself since he broke the other one. He told her that she could purchase her own bed now since they were no longer together, and she was the one who would be using it. But she argued that the bed was a replacement for the one he broke. This argument is ongoing as he believes she should buy a bed with her money now. 

He is reaching out to the online community to ask them if he owes her the money or if he is right.

The response that received the move votes said the ex-girlfriend should purchase her bed.

“NTA, we all make our own beds, and we all have to lie in them.”

“Oh my goodness. I can’t stress this enough. Her bed was used before they got together. He was kind enough to replace an already used bed AFTER getting together, then when they broke up, the bed HE PAID FOR got left behind. But it’s his money in it, not hers. It’s not her bed. Although she used it, it doesn’t make it hers. He bought it, and it’s his property. He’s allowed to keep the money that HE put into it. If she had paid for it, she would’ve gotten the refund. Simple.” 

“If the money for the bed was owed to her, it would have gone onto her card. Except, wait, she didn’t pay for the bed at all. Money from refunds is restored to the person it is owed to. Full stop.”

Overall, the community is divided; many admit this is a head-scratcher. Yes, he paid for the bed. However, he was replacing a bed that he had broken. The question is, when he moved out, did he give up possession of the bed even though he paid for it?

“But he left her the bed when he moved out. The bed, which was a replacement for the one he (might have) broken. Now she’s trying to get a new one and got a refund on her bed (which he left her), and he’s just pocketing the money? How is that in any way fair?”

“if he gives her the money back, he wouldn’t be buying two beds. The money he’s giving her was refunded by the company; it’s not his money. He’s still only buying one bed.”

“Look at it like this… If she had contacted the company and, rather than issuing a refund, they had said, “Okay, we’ll send you out a new bed to replace it,” should he get the new bed? The money is meant to make the user of the bed whole for a defective product. That’s not him anymore.”

“But she isn’t asking him to pay out of his pocket. She contacted the company that made the bed for a refund which they agreed to give. The issue is that because the bed was purchased using his card, the refund was made to his card.”

“No, the bed is hers. He left it to her for like a year. What happened previously is irrelevant to now. He replaced her bed (whether or not he thinks he broke the old one) and then left her the bed when he moved out.”

What do you think? Who owns the bed? Does he have a right to keep the money? Or should he transfer it to his ex-girlfriend?

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