10 Beauty Trends That Women Are Sick Of

According to readers of an online forum, there are some beauty trends that they are so sick of they wish they would pack their bags and take the next flight out. Either they are time consuming to maintain or impossible to attain all together. Here are some beauty trends that many people are hoping die soon.

1. Super Thick Eyebrows

woman fixing her eyebrows and putting makeup on
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From pencil thin to full, thick eyebrows. Over plucking over the years has caused the latest thick eyebrow trend to turn many women into magicians by creating realistic looking thick eyebrows with makeup. One reader commented, “What would women think if men started clean shaving to immediately grab a sharpie and give themselves a nice pin stripe moustache and a little bottom lip goatee!?”

2. False Eyelashes

woman with fake eyelashes
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One reader commented “Tammy Faye baker eyelashes. Lord we used to laugh at them and now they are everywhere.” Once a look that was only rocked by some people you saw on tv is now the mainstream. Some lashes enhance beauty and some “false eyelashes look like a hairy caterpillar died on your eyelid,” according to one reader. Many women are more than happy to go back to a couple of strokes of mascara and be done with it.

3. Unrealistically Round Bottoms

Kim Kardashian in a gold gown.
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This is a trend that makes people immediately think of Kim Kardashian who is known for her plump behind. “These “Thick” implanted, over-trained and protein fed bottoms which I assume was popularized by the Kardashians. I don’t understand how being shaped like Big Bird is a beauty trend.” 

4. Huge Lips

woman with focus on lips
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The big lip trend has some women running to get fillers injected professionally to plump them up and others figuring out a way to draw them on. “As if we can’t notice you just colored red on your skin pretending it’s your lips is ridiculous.”

5. Cropped Clothing

woman wearing crop top
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Forget about the fact that you need to have a reasonably flat tummy to even look good in this style of shirt, what about just keeping warm?

One reader said, “I want to stay warm! Why would you cut off a sweater at the waist? All the newer knitting patterns are cropped now too.” Its not just the tops that are cropped. Jackets, suits, pants, hoodies and more have all been chopped for this trend and not everyone is a fan. “3/4 length suit pants with no socks. That look is objectively ridiculous.”

6. Overpriced Skincare

woman applying cream on her cheek
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The ‘deinfluencer’ trend has gained some traction as some people are starting to rebel against the overpriced skincare products they have sunk thousands of dollars into. Many have made their skin worse by trying product after product and wasting their money along the way. Will low maintenance, budget beauty ever make a comeback?

7. Long Nails

woman with long nails painted black
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Some people just aren’t into the “Nails like a Komodo Dragon” look. While long nails can look glamorous and stylish, they can also be impractical and high-maintenance. From difficulties in typing on keyboards to issues with hygiene and the increased risk of nail damage, there are several reasons why some individuals believe that the era of long nails should come to a close. 

8. Skinny Jeans

two people wearing skinny jeans
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Skinny jeans never really left the party. Straight leg came in and so did wide leg. But skinny stuck around and even added a cuff. But some people clearly want them gone for good. Not only can the tight material cause skin irritation, but also the pressure skinny jeans can cause on your abdomen can be uncomfortable and lead to digestion issues. 

9. Man Buns

man with bun looking at phone and drinking coffee
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This beauty trend is unfair to women because women have to look at men who have buns.

One reader simply put it, “man buns…so tired.”

10. Plastic Surgery

a woman getting ready for plastic surgery
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One reader commented that they hate “the fact that plastic surgery is normalized.” Some people will go to great lengths to achieve the current standard of beauty and plastic surgery has become a more common route to take.

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