21 Family Gift Ideas to Enjoy Together

Finding the perfect gift for family members can be a little tough sometimes. Especially when it feels like people already have plenty of stuff. So how can you approach holiday gift giving differently this year? Try finding the best gifts that will promote family time and that everyone can enjoy together. There are many activities kids will enjoy doing with their parents. From making gourmet food creations to playing games and entertainment, this list of  holiday gifts is great for the entire family. 

The following is a gift guide to help you complete your holiday shopping. 

The Best Family Gift Ideas 

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1. Crazy Cups Hot Chocolate Bombs

hot chocolate bomb kit from Crazy Cups

Crazy Cups introduced a limited edition hot chocolate bomb kit this season. The same kit sold out in five weeks in the 2021 holiday season. Crazy Cups is the maker of wildly flavored coffee, tea and cocoa pods. This kit includes:

  • 2 non-stick, dishwasher-and-microwave-safe silicone molds
  • 1 bag of melting chocolate
  • 4 hot chocolate packets
  • Festive sprinkles
  • Edible party confetti
  • Mini marshmallows
  • Pink Chocolate drizzle
  • An iridescent dipping spoon

The Total Indulgence Hot Chocolate Bomb Maker DIY Kit is available on their website.

2. Family Movie Night


Family movie nights are a great way to relax and enjoy some entertainment together. Take your mugs of hot chocolate bombs and watch a movie together on the big screen. Get a real theater experience by watching a movie on a portable projector. You can also get advent calendars with a 100 movies bucket list for families. 


3. Baketivity Gingerbread House


Bake and create a fresh gingerbread house this holiday season. Have fun baking and assembling this beautiful and delicious gingerbread house. Bake, frost and decorate with these step-by-step instructions. All ingredients are pre-measured and access a bake-along video to help guide the baking process.


4. Charcuterie Chalet Kit


Have you heard of ‘edible architecture’? Give this delicious house-building activity a try! With a modern twist on the traditional gingerbread house, create a savory house instead made from foods typically found on a charcuterie and cheese board. The kid includes all the tools you need to make a beautiful chalet including the blueprints and ingredients to make two chalets. This savory chalet is the perfect addition to any holiday gathering


5. Grilled Cheese Toaster


Perfect for any foodie in the house, this grilled cheese toaster is extra wide, and comes with special toasting baskets with drip and crumb trays built in. The is also kid-friendly so they can participate in making grilled cheese sandwiches as well. 


6. Ice Cream Maker


Another foodie lover’s dream item is this amazing ice cream maker. Make healthy and indulgent treats, anything from smoothies to milkshakes and different flavored ice creams, this ice cream maker can make all your frozen treats. 


7. Custom Family Portrait


Create a custom family portrait by taking your favorite family photo and printing it on a large canvas. Perfect for placing in the family room and remembering your favorite moment. 


8. Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone


Have fun singing up a storm with a wireless bluetooth karaoke microphone. Connect to your phone and sing along to songs on your personal playlist. This portable karaoke machine is affordable and comes with a 1 year warranty.  


9. Nest Hub Max

If your family is into gadgets, the Google Nest Hub Max is a nice entertainment gadget to have around the house. You can watch shows on Netflix, YouTube videos, listen to music, upload your favorite photos to watch, make video calls, control other devices and things in the house and more. 


10. Big Blanket Co.


Get extra cozy on the couch on movie nights by getting an oversized blanket for everyone to share. Big Blanket Co. blankets are plush and ultra fluffy and available in several different sizes and styles. 


11. Cake Pop Maker


Get the whole family involved in making these delicious treats. Hand them out to family and friends! Cake pops can be customized and made with any flavor and rolled in different toppings like sprinkles, nuts, white chocolate shavings, coconut and more. Use festive colors to celebrate the holidays with a cake pop treat. 


12. Personalized Family Mugs


Get matching family mugs or personalize them with pictures and names. Drink your hot cocoa with the kids in matching mugs. Personalized gifts are thoughtful and make unique Christmas gifts. Many are dishwasher and microwave safe and different sizes are available. 


13. Snow Cone Machine


Have some family fun making a cold treat with this Hawaiian shaved ice and snow cone machine. This compact electric machine also makes slushies, mocktails, cocktails and iced coffee.  


14. Solo Stove Bonfire


The Solo Stove Bonfire is a unique fire pit. It’s made of stainless steel, and features a signature 360 degrees airflow. There is less smoke to prevent clothes from smelling like firewood. The Solo Stove is portable, easy to use and perfect for sitting around and toasting marshmallows with the family. 


15. Throw Throw Burrito


Throw Throw Burrito is a fun card game and dodgeball in one. It’s a simple, funny and entertaining game that’s perfect for a family game night. Collect cards to earn points but if you lose points then get ready to be hit with a squishy flying burrito! With over 35,000, mostly positive reviews, this game is sure to be a hit. 


16. Indoor S’more Maker


This indoor s’mores maker is stainless steel, safe, and flameless. On days you don’t feel like setting up a bonfire or the weather isn’t cooperating, pull out this easy s’mores maker, roast some marshmallows and melt some chocolate. Indulge in some delicious treats from the comfort of inside your home. 


17. Nugget Couch


Also referred to as ‘The Nugget’, this is more than just a couch for sale. The Nugget couch is also a play structure that can be configured into different shapes and forms. The Nugget is made up of four large foam pieces and comes in washable fabric. The Nugget brings out the best in imaginative play for kids. 


18. Table Topics Conversation Cards


Table Topics is a game that comes with 135 conversation starters and is designed to engage children in silly and thought-provoking conversations. You might even learn a thing or two about each other!


19. DIY Candle Making Kit


Homemade and handmade gifts are on trend this season! You can either make candles and give them as gifts or give the gift of DIY.  The candle kit comes with all the supplies you need to make four candles, including beautiful decorative tins. 


20. Green Kids Crafts

Green Kid Crafts is an award-winning subscription box service with eco-friendly STEM crafts. The box comes with a few different mini science projects. Green Kid Crafts is perfect for kids who are in homeschool and moms who want to do activities with their kids. This subscription box gives you education and fun in one and is a great gift for kids


21. BNext VR Headset

The BNext VR headset uses your smartphone to give you the VR experience. It features high-quality blue-light filtering lenses and padding around the eyes and nose. The headset supports phones up to 6.3 inches and is easy to set up. For the price, there is a lot of bang for your buck in this VR headset.

The Perfect Gift For Family Time

The best family gift ideas are the ones that bring everyone together. Whether you are in the kitchen baking or playing a fun board game, anything that brings excitement to family time is the best gift of all.